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Feminine Woman

How to Handle Your Triggers and Increase Your Emotional Literacy

Do you often get triggered in your relationship or dating situations with men? And you don’t know how to handle them so you don’t get so overwhelmed and in turn sour the dynamics of your relationship? I’m proudly announcing my trained Coach Veronika’s first program...

Feminine Magnetism Doesn’t Preclude You From Fighting For Your Freedom

Freedom isn’t free, somebody gotta fight for it. And Goddess Warrior is one archetype of Feminine Divinity. I was supposed to do my 104th satsang/class in the Fan Subscriptions 3 days ago when I got sent into FB jail for 7 days fighting for our freedom which means I...

The Beautiful, Delicate Bonding Act of Receiving

It is better to give than to receive.  That is a belief I truly began to question over the last decade of my life.  They are both equal.  Neither is greater than the other. My apologies Apostle Paul, but there is no record of these words ever coming from the mouth of...

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