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An Often Over-Looked Barrier to Healing from Infidelity
Healing from the trauma of an affair is rarely easy, and it’s rarely straightforward. However, I’ve worked with many couples in counseling who have come back from the devastation of infidelity to rebuild a strong marriage/relationship, so I know it is possible. If you’re on the road to affair recovery, one thing that’s important to […]
When Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Act Like a Boyfriend
If you have followed Katarina Phang you have probably heard her say “A boyfriend is as a boyfriend does.”  Yet countless women continue to act like a girlfriend to a man who does not provide the actions of a boyfriend. They remain loyal to a title and in the process self abandon.  Not all proclaimed […]
A Beginner’s Guide To BDSM
A Beginner’s Guide To BDSM Many couples tend to get bored after doing the same thing in the bedroom every single time they want to have sexual intercourse and that is why some of these couples try BDSM. Some people say the letters simply stand for Bondage and Discipline (B&D) and Sadism and Masochism (S&M) […]
Tips For Buying Your First Adult Toy
Tips For Buying Your First Adult Toy Most people, even those who are happily in a relationship, will have some sort of adult toy hidden away somewhere. This is nothing to be ashamed of and can actually be a great investment. There are plenty of toys to choose from so if you are new to […]
Tips For Using Fantasy In The Bedroom
Tips For Using Fantasy In The Bedroom Even if you are in a committed relationship, sometimes you will want a bit more out of your sex life and this is when fantasy comes into play. Some people are ashamed of wanting to act out a fantasy but everyone has them. Here are some tips to […]
Tips On Her Erogenous Zones And How To Use Them
Tips On Her Erogenous Zones And How To Use Them If you are in a relationship with someone sexual interactions should not be limited to just sex itself. Instead, you should have other romantic and sensual moments whether casual or as part of foreplay leading up to sex. While everyone is aware of certain erogenous […]
Tips On His Erogenous Zones And How To Use Them
Tips On His Erogenous Zones And How To Use Them Erogenous zones are a crucial part of any sexual interaction whether or not you plan on having intercourse. All women know that the man’s genital area, specifically his penis and testicles are incredibly sensitive but not everyone realizes some of the other erogenous zones. Some […]
Tips To Increasing Her Sex Drive
Tips To Increasing Her Sex Drive It is a fact of life that in most relationships, the man will have a higher sex drive than the woman. This is simply human nature and due to the levels of specific hormones such as testosterone. If you are in a relationship where the male always has a […]
Secrets to Becoming More Confident and Having Better Sex
Secrets to Becoming More Confident and Having Better Sex There is a distinct lack of confidence in a lot of young men and women these days. We can blame it on the sheltered modern lifestyle, a lack of social skills or the fact that some prefer the escapism afforded to them by video games and […]
How to Safely Explore Kinky Fantasies in the Bedroom
How to Safely Explore Kinky Fantasies in the Bedroom Whether you have been with your significant other for a number of years and you start to feel that the flame of romance has begun to vain or you just want to take things to the next level in the bedroom, some kinky sex can be […]
The Definitive Guide To Fingering
It seems that fingering is underestimated and is considered at best an optional element of foreplay. But in fact, it is a full-fledged sexual practice, which can give a completely new idea about sex. Fingering techniques often spread like wildfire. They are exchanged between partners, they are invented from scratch by couples, and they are […]
The Definitive Guide To Cunnilingus
Studies say that most women find it easier to reach orgasm if sex involves cunnilingus. Cunnilingus helps to relax, focus on yourself and your feelings – perhaps more subtle and diverse than with vaginal sex. It can last from five minutes to an hour. It may lead to orgasm it can be just a part […]
Dysfunctional Relationship: Signs And Solutions
If you’re in a dysfunctional relationship, don’t lose hope yet until you have finished reading this post. I have been in a dysfunctional relationship, but right now, I’m enjoying a highly functional relationship. So, I employ you to ride with me as I will take you through both personal experience and modern research to revive […]
10 Tips to Help Get You Through a Tough Divorce [Infographic]
Ideally, marriage lasts a lifetime. Unfortunately, this is not an ideal world. People change, for better or worse. The changes we experience can have a profound impact on our relationships — even those we thought would last forever — and divorce may become a possibility we cannot ignore. If you’re currently struggling with this difficult […]
7 Tips to Rotational Dating That Keep You Sane
Contrary to what many believe, rotational dating leads to love and a committed relationship faster than dating one man at a time. It does not mean you are a player or a user, but is a smart and sensible route to take if you are looking for a solid relationship. Have you ever met a […]
She Cheated on Me: What You Should do to a Cheating Girlfriend
After All I Have Done for Her, Still; She Cheated On Me… How many times have you told your friends this exact words, or is it even a topic of discussion among your folks? Perhaps you have before told your friends that your girlfriend or partner is cheating. Maybe that came up when they ask […]
This Fear Will Block Love in Your Life
Do you wonder and worry “will I be single forever?” Will I die alone?  This is a real fear experienced by so many in the world.  Many are consumed by this fear. I remember a time in my life where I “thought” I was so in love with a man who obviously was not in […]
5 Creative Ways to Put a Spark in Your Sex life
Physical intimacy in your relationship doesn’t have to be boring – even if you’ve been married for decades! But if you find yourself getting tired of the same old routine or you’re just looking to heighten the passion you already feel for one another, read on. Being intimate with our partners is one of the […]
7 Texting Habits of a High Value Woman
Texting is about how every relationship starts.  Your texting habits can reveal a lot about you. A high value woman knows how to use this tool to her advantage. She recognizes texting as just that; a tool in her dating arsenal. Not a measuring stick of if and where the relationship is going. She knows […]
Why You Aren’t Attracted to Nice Guys!  You Aren’t Crazy!
Do you wonder why you aren’t attracted to or can’t fall in love with a nice guy?  There is a logical reason and you may not be crazy at all. Ever found yourself on a date with a man and he was so nice, yet you just didn’t feel a thing?  You thought “what is […]
7 Low Value Traits That Convey a Woman’s Lack of Self Worth
While every woman has value, sadly many women still operate as low value women.  Value comes from your own perceived self worth and this is where the issue lies. Women who perceive themselves as low value are often unaware. Their past traumas, experiences and perceptions cause them to operate in relationships with men from a […]
Ask Lisa:  My Boyfriend Gets Aggressive When Drunk
I have been in a relationship for almost 8 months. The relationship has been good when we’re together but he has always had trust issues with me whenever I’m seeing my friends or if I’m going out. Somehow I’ve just sort of accepted it and I’ve lost a lot of friends. When we were out […]
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You Must Make a Man Feel Safe for a Relationship to Last
Before a man will include you completely into his life, he must feel safe with you.  Emotionally safe.  I have discovered many women have no clue how to make a man feel safe or what a man feeling safe even looks or feels like. When you read the typical post on how to make a […]
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