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It’s A Little Like Tupperware

But Our Toys Buzzz!

An Intimate Tickles party is held in a private home where guests can view, sample, taste, touch, smell, feel, learn and purchase sensuous romance enhancing products in a safe environment – a place where they can feel comfortable talking about products that they may be unfamiliar with.

Guests are encouraged to ask questions about how these products are used and how they relate to an individual’s or couple’s intimate relationship. An Intimate Tickles Romance Consultant will help to create an open, sensitive atmosphere that is necessary for such questions to be answered throughout the party. Your party can even have a theme, any theme!

  • An Intimate Tickles Party helps individuals become more informed about products that may have been considered “bad or dirty” in the past, simply because of the “dirty book stores” that carried them
  • Women and men can see other people enjoying the new tastes and sensations and realize that these products are now being used by women and men everywhere!
  • People learn to feel comfortable learning about their own sensuality and sexuality at an Intimate Tickles adult romance party
  • person’s sex life can become a more satisfying endeavor due to the knowledge and empowerment they will gain by attending an Adult Toy Party Presented by an Intimate Tickles Independent Consultant.
  • Women and men are assured that the products will be presented tastefully. The elite Intimate Tickles Romance Consultant is knowledgeable about the products they present and are also sensitive to the ladies and gentlemen who may be in attendance and shy or uncomfortable with select subject matters
  • Intimate Tickles will help put guests at ease through humor, education and our own sexual confidence.