Sex Tips – A Quick Lesson On Female Anatomy

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Intimate touching is more than just humping until you are done. You need to explore a woman’s body and find out which spots are most susceptible to kissing, licking and fondling. It’s not true that women need more to get aroused. In fact, women are more likely to get turned on faster than men. It’s difficult to believe, but it’s true. You just have to find her erogenous zones, and discover how to touch those areas properly.

Don’t rush touching your wife or girlfriend everywhere whenever you can. Sex starts by exploring with your hands, followed by your lips and tongue. You

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Sexual Possibility After Divorce

Sexual Possibility After DivorceI have made a bold declaration over the last several years, the years since my divorce.Divorce is a developmental stage of adulthood. Every adult who is in partnership will, at some point lose a partner to divorce or death and will have...

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