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Understanding Men

How To Seduce Him To No End With Your Feminine Magnetism

To seduce a man doesn’t have to use sexual means, a woman is naturally seductive when she is naturally contented being in her feminine energy.   A lot has been said about leaning back you wonder if there is anything new to add. Oh yeah, being the specialist of...

When You Shift Internally You Shift The Entire Dynamics Of Your Relationship

To shift internally is to heal, to repossess aspects of us that are denied and rejected.    Here’s why I love this job because literally the past 11 years there is no day pass without a life being changed.  Here’s a very well-written email from a client (I’m so...
7 Limiting Beliefs That Keep You Single

7 Limiting Beliefs That Keep You Single

We all have our beliefs.  Some serve us, some don’t.  Beliefs are not something we are born with.  They are learned and adopted from people like our parents, peers and from our life experiences. Our...

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