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Relationship Problems

Valentines Day: Is it Time to Refocus on Your Relationship?

Many relationships have taken a beating over the past months.  The preoccupation and distraction of COVID has had consequential impact on couples everywhere as their relationships have slipped out of focus.  As a couples therapist, I’ve witnessed firsthand the impact...

Codependency is an Attachment Issue

Aude Castagna, MFT explores the reasons people can be compulsive pleasers and caretakers, even in the face of toxic behaviors and to their own detriment.  She offers some guidance around how to start the process of change.   We start Life as helpless infants totally...

Couples: Virus Fear vs. Virus Fatigue

Summer is here.  The warm weather beckons.  He wants to get together with a big group for a BBQ in someone’s yard and not worry about wearing masks or if the party spills inside.  She feels strongly about maintaining 6 ft distance from others, wearing face coverings...
A Closer Look at Narcissism

A Closer Look at Narcissism

Richard Nicastro, PhD, digs deeper into narcissism; the differences between a label and actual diagnosis and the pain of loving a narcissist.   Narcissism has been getting a lot of attention lately...

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Family Holiday Survival Toolbox

Family Holiday Survival Toolbox

Yep.  I said “survival” toolbox because for a lot of people, this time of year is challenging.  We are all told that this is “family time” and that we are expected to be merry and festive with our...

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Own Your Future!

We have been training representatives in the finance industry for 10 years.

We are expanding due to the greatly increased need for what we do. 

To be clear we are  independent contractors. This means we work on our own time. We are not looking for hourly employees, but people who are open to working for themselves - either part time, or advancing to full time.

Our main focus is helping families plan for the future like retiring sooner, getting out of debt, protecting their family via income protection, investments, and more.

We don’t require any financial degrees or experience although both are welcome. We offer PAID training and PAID licensing for the right person.

Looking for those with good people skills and a heart for helping others! Schedule extremely flexible. Everything can be done remotely.

Presentations/Interviews are conducted via Zoom (, so computer and internet connection is required.

Must be 18+ years old, have a clean background, & be willing to get licensed with the state as well. Does this sound like something you would be open to hearing more about?