Your Sexier New Year’s Resolutions - adult sex toy parties

Be it in the bedroom or just out in the world, the start of a new year is a great time to take stock and examine our trajectories to figure out if what we find is affirming – or in need of some adjustment.

So what follows is a list of romance-related resolutions for the coming year – it’s been said that to make these annual goals real, you should write them down. So these resolutions come from a real place for the author, in the hopes that you, the reader, might see some that stick out to you in order to apply them to your own life.

Here’s to 2018!

Your Sexier New Year’s Resolutions - adult sex toy parties

1.Get Tested

Just gonna jump right into the deep end here. Most STIs are asymptomatic – meaning you could have them (and be passing them along) but have no idea.

Commit more to keep yourself and your partners protected by speaking very frankly with a medical professional about your sex life and they’ll give you an idea of how often you should get tested, and what you should be getting tested for.

2.Limber Up


If you’re anything like the author, you’re sat in front of a computer for more hours of the day than you should be. This year, make the commitment to using your body more, by preparing it for the day with a stretching session.

Getting loose with some simple stretches promotes better circulation, and will have you moving your body in ways that it normally wouldn’t during the regular day. A couple of go-to yoga poses you can fire off in ten minutes between waking and getting started with your morning routine will give you a stretch-out and activate some of your muscle groups to keep you limber, get your blood flowing, and can even strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

3.Lube Up

Okay here goes: More and more often, whether alone or with a partner, this author finds themself in need of some, but always considered having a bottle of lube in the bedside table somehow too much, like crossing some line. But if applying some lube can instantly add a new dimension to sex, why the heck not? A small drop can make a difference, so keep condoms and sex toy-safe lube on hand, just in case. I know I will.

Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it, right?

_e91a9d4b_4.Let Go of the Goal

In 2018, go to bed with someone – a casual hookup or your S.O. – without a goal in mind: the usual goal here being orgasm, of course. Just be close, get those love and lust endorphins flowing, and let things happen as they will. Some – actually most – people look at orgasm as the goal of sexual activity, but they neglect everything else that comes with intimacy.

‘Going to bed with someone’ isn’t just a quaint way of describing sex. Going to bed and exploring each other’s wants, or simply being close, is a great way to discover more about a new intimate partner, or even rediscover what originally attracted us to our long-term partners in the first place.

Okay, so what are you are resolved to do or not do in 2018? Cut out sugar? Cut back on frivolous spending? Tell us what it is, and a little about how you plan to do it, in the comments section!

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