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Power Ring Dual Support Ring

by | Mar 27, 2022 | Adult Toys

In general, men climax faster than women do. Most women need constant clitoral stimulation for an extended period of time to achieve orgasm. That’s why vibrating cock rings are so awesome! They restrict penile blood flow and make you last longer while providing sustained clitoral vibrations for your lover. Your best bet for giving your girl a mind-blowing orgasm during penetration is with a powerful vibrating tool like Power Ring Dual Support cock ring. It frees up your hands and does the clit work for you.

This unique erection enhancer has two rings for multiple support options for him and powerful vibrations for her. The removable multi-speed bullet with independent control provides intense stimulation and may be used with or without the ring for a customized experience. It is made of TPR and ABS plastic, so it’s easy to clean and maintain with toy cleaner or a mild soap with warm water.

This cock ring is also waterproof, so you can take your buzzing fun into the shower or spa with you. Requires 3 watch size batteries. For your convenience, there are 6 batteries included with your purchase.

Material: ABS Plastic / TPR
Texture: Nubby

Color: Clear
Power Source: Watch Battery

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