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Adult Toys

Alchemy Silicone

There are countless ways we can enjoy sex, so each Alchemy Personal Lubricant is special in its own distinct way. Alchemy Silicone is special in a “we should finish up soon or we may miss the Holidays” kind of way.  Our Silicone lubricant stays slick longer than the...


Learn to decide when to ejaculate and reach the next level in your sex life. MYHIXEL TR is the ideal solution to improve your sexual well-being through ejaculatory control. It is designed for all men who usually last more than three minutes before ejaculating. You can...

Classic Love Wand

The Classic Love Wand is a vibrating personal massager with easy-to-use controls and 15 vibration patterns and intensities that are sure to satisfy anyone. The head of the Classic Love Wand is similar to other models in that it is the same shape and size (so it fits...

Rechargeable Love Wand

The Rechargeable Love Wand is a vibrating personal massager with easy-to-use controls and 15...

Rodeo Ring

Introducing the “Rodeo Ring”. It’s a disposable vibrating ring that’s sure to sweep the nation. It...

Stretchy Gear Ring

Looking for a thick, reliable partner in the bedroom (and really, who isn’t?) The Stretchy Gear...

Steel Rings Enhancer Set

The Steel Rings Enhancer Set includes three different sized steel rings with a polished silver finish. Ideal for hardcore play, these solid steel rings are the height of masculinity. Even if you’re...

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A chic, clitoral vibrator that goes great with solo-play & party-play. Some say three’s a crowd, but we say it’s a party. Invite Vibez into the bedroom to instantly spice things up with your partner...

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Power Ring Dual Support Ring

In general, men climax faster than women do. Most women need constant clitoral stimulation for an extended period of time to achieve orgasm. That’s why vibrating cock rings are so awesome! They...

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Tulip is a multi-play vibrator that cultivates your thirst for sexual pleasure. Versatile vibe to stimulate the clitoris, nipple, and penis Four powerful motors including one in each petal and one...

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Fuzu Vibrating Masssage Gloves

The Fuzu™ vibrating massage glove heightens a sensual massage. The Fuzu™ massage glove is made of Lycra which is a stretchable and breathable with a wrist strap to allow a form fit to the hand....

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Polar Chill

If you’ve ever had the privilege to experience an ice cube being intimately touched upon your body, you’ll understand why we chose to bottle that sensation. (2.0 oz) Alchemy Polar Chill was...

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Spark for Her Arousal Gel

Made from an exotic blend of botanical goodies, Spark enhancement gel amplifies and intensifies your foo-foo’s-feels.  Spark is fiercely strong for the most adventurous, yet plenty controllable for...

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Love Water

Everyone needs that solid, dependable friend that they can count on for anything and everything. Think of Alchemy Love Water as that friend, but in a bottle.  Love Water is designed to feel natural...

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Hung Max Delay Gel

Perform like a champion every time with HUNG Max! This revolutionary gel formula extends your pleasure without losing any stimulation so you can enjoy the moment at your pace. This gel formula...

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Own Your Future!

We have been training representatives in the finance industry for 10 years.

We are expanding due to the greatly increased need for what we do. 

To be clear we are  independent contractors. This means we work on our own time. We are not looking for hourly employees, but people who are open to working for themselves - either part time, or advancing to full time.

Our main focus is helping families plan for the future like retiring sooner, getting out of debt, protecting their family via income protection, investments, and more.

We don’t require any financial degrees or experience although both are welcome. We offer PAID training and PAID licensing for the right person.

Looking for those with good people skills and a heart for helping others! Schedule extremely flexible. Everything can be done remotely.

Presentations/Interviews are conducted via Zoom (, so computer and internet connection is required.

Must be 18+ years old, have a clean background, & be willing to get licensed with the state as well. Does this sound like something you would be open to hearing more about?