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by | Mar 28, 2022 | Adult Toys

Learn to decide when to ejaculate and reach the next level in your sex life.

MYHIXEL TR is the ideal solution to improve your sexual well-being through ejaculatory control. It is designed for all men who usually last more than three minutes before ejaculating. You can use it to avoid an occasional lack of climax control – which can be influenced by external factors such as stress or anxiety – or to learn new skills in bed.

HOW TO GET STARTED – MYHIXEL TR solutions are based on scientific and technological research, and work by combining the MYHIXEL Play app and the MYHIXEL I pleasure device. This is supported by a platform with consultations with sexual health specialists. With MYHIXEL, a team of sexual health professionals is available to answer any of your questions, always aiming to improve the quality of a man’s sex life, as well as their general well-being.

WHO IS IT FOR? For those who ejaculate in more than 3 minutes, but occasionally experience a lack of ejaculatory control. For those who want to learn new ejaculatory control skills.

MYHIXEL TR’s sophisticated and state-of-the-art design, combined with high-quality materials, gives users a very pleasant user experience, and is the latest innovation enabling users to be able to enjoy sex more and for longer periods of time. The corresponding app, MYHIXEL TR Play, will help guide users how to control when they ejaculate.

The unique technology and design boast an international patent and CE certification seal, incorporating the latest medical and technological advances in order to simulate real penetration.

• Anatomically realistic interior
• Self-heating mode that replicates body temperature
• Magnetic charging lithium battery with USB connector
• Made of high-quality, antiallergic, and non-toxic material which doesn’t contain phthalates
• Water-resistant and easy to clean

How does MYHIXEL Play TR work? This is the program used to help users control ejaculation and last longer during sex. They will learn to control the physical and mental aspects that are involved in climax. MYHIXEL TR Play has been developed and scientifically tested by its team of sexologists – into online therapy exercises composed of challenges that continually adapt to results, needs, and has a fully customizable profile. All of this is carried out in an easy, comfortable, and fun environment, from the privacy of a phone or tablet.

What’s in the box?
• 1. Device MYHIXEL I
• 2. Instructions & Technical Sheet
• 3. MYHIXEL Play TR Activation Card
• 4. MYHIXEL Lube
• 5. Charging Cable

What makes MYHIXEL different to other treatments? MYHIXEL has been scientifically tested. It offers you the most innovative program in the field of ejaculation control without using medication, losing sensitivity or any other kind of therapies. By using the MYHIXEL method, you will reach a higher level of controlling the moment of ejaculation in a natural way, while at the same time, increasing your confidence and self-esteem.
MYHIXEL’s solutions are based on a unique medically-proven method, which allows men to last longer in bed and control their climax without pills or numbing creams.


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Own Your Future!

We have been training representatives in the finance industry for 10 years.

We are expanding due to the greatly increased need for what we do. 

To be clear we are  independent contractors. This means we work on our own time. We are not looking for hourly employees, but people who are open to working for themselves - either part time, or advancing to full time.

Our main focus is helping families plan for the future like retiring sooner, getting out of debt, protecting their family via income protection, investments, and more.

We don’t require any financial degrees or experience although both are welcome. We offer PAID training and PAID licensing for the right person.

Looking for those with good people skills and a heart for helping others! Schedule extremely flexible. Everything can be done remotely.

Presentations/Interviews are conducted via Zoom (, so computer and internet connection is required.

Must be 18+ years old, have a clean background, & be willing to get licensed with the state as well. Does this sound like something you would be open to hearing more about?