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by | Nov 26, 2023 | Adult Toys

If you’re looking for a hands-free orgasm, then JETT is the toy for you. This penis vibrator is the first of its kind to include our patented Treble and Bass Technology™, putting you in control of endless combinations of its intense Treble and rumbly Bass vibrations. This fully  customisable Guybrator™ will have you begging for an encore in no time, especially if someone else is holding your remote control!

Just the Treble:  Just like the tweeter speaker on your stereo, the Treble bullet emits high-frequency vibrations.  These Vibrations are tingly yet powerful and really play with your never endings.

Just the Bass:  The vibrations emitted for the Bass bullet are similar to those you’d experience from your stereo’s subwoofer.  These deep, rumbly vibrations go right through your body all the way to your core.

Treble & Bass Combined:  This is where the real magic happens.  1 plus 1 really does equal 10 in the case of JETT. When Played together, the Treble and the Bass bullets begin to oscillate with one another creating an amazing pulsing/throbbing sensation.  Just hold tight and wait for the inevitable crescendo.


  • Two custom ‘bullet’ vibrators each containing a different sized motor, which deliver contrasting vibration frequencies
  • The Treble Bullet emits intense high- frequency waves while the Bass Bullet delivers deep, rumbly low-frequency stimulation
  • The user can deploy each bullet separately or in combination.
  • Worn against the frenulum, below the tip of the penis, JETT’s flexible sleeve expands as you do, taking you effortlessly from first beat to mic drop, completely hands-free
  • 5 treble power settings, 5 base power settings and 5 tried and tested vibration patterns
  • Hands free – slip Jett onto your soft penis, turn it on and watch the sleeve expand with you. Once you have found the perfect setting, sit back and let the toy do al the work.
  • Dimensions – 2.3 x 2.5 x 1.4 In; weight 4oz;
  • Waterproof
  • 2-4 hours charging time

How it works:

  • Worn against the frenulum, below the tip of the penis, JETT’s flexible sleeve expands as you do, taking you effortlessly from first beat to mic drop, completely hands-free.  Start off soft if you like as JETT will get you hard in no time!
  • Start by pushing the bullets through the bottom two holes, once in, stretch the top hole and slide yourself in. If you are particularly girthy, it might be easier to put the toy on whilst flaccid.
  • Now that the toy is on and you’re ready to go, start experimenting with endless combinations of Treble and Bass vibrations. Take edging to the limits – your frenulum will thank you!


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Own Your Future!

We have been training representatives in the finance industry for 10 years.

We are expanding due to the greatly increased need for what we do. 

To be clear we are  independent contractors. This means we work on our own time. We are not looking for hourly employees, but people who are open to working for themselves - either part time, or advancing to full time.

Our main focus is helping families plan for the future like retiring sooner, getting out of debt, protecting their family via income protection, investments, and more.

We don’t require any financial degrees or experience although both are welcome. We offer PAID training and PAID licensing for the right person.

Looking for those with good people skills and a heart for helping others! Schedule extremely flexible. Everything can be done remotely.

Presentations/Interviews are conducted via Zoom (, so computer and internet connection is required.

Must be 18+ years old, have a clean background, & be willing to get licensed with the state as well. Does this sound like something you would be open to hearing more about?