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Adult Toys

Alchemy Silicone

There are countless ways we can enjoy sex, so each Alchemy Personal Lubricant is special in its own distinct way. Alchemy Silicone is special in a “we should finish up soon or we may miss the Holidays” kind of way.  Our Silicone lubricant stays slick longer than the...


Learn to decide when to ejaculate and reach the next level in your sex life. MYHIXEL TR is the ideal solution to improve your sexual well-being through ejaculatory control. It is designed for all men who usually last more than three minutes before ejaculating. You can...

Rodeo Ring

Introducing the “Rodeo Ring”. It’s a disposable vibrating ring that’s sure to sweep the nation. It features intense vibrations and pleasure ticklers. It’s comfortable and pleases both partners. One size fits all. Battery Included. The post Rodeo Ring appeared first on...

Steel Rings Enhancer Set

The Steel Rings Enhancer Set includes three different sized steel rings with a polished silver...


A chic, clitoral vibrator that goes great with solo-play & party-play. Some say three’s a crowd,...

Tropic Heat

The only thing as pleasurable as a tropical getaway might just be Tropic Heat. Smooth and slick, Tropic Heat can make any intimate experience tantalizingly warm. (2oz)   Natural Vanilla Flavor Such...

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Remember in Good Will Hunting when Matt Damon was like “How do you like them apples?”… yeah, good times. Well, if Matt Damon ever asks you such a question about Alchemy Candy Apple lubricant, you...

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Balls have long been overlooked as a stimulable sexual organ – the Balldo changes that forever. By wearing a Balldo, users are perfectly encapsulated in the soft skin-safe silicone cage behind the...

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Elastic Game

Perfect for solo or partnered pleasure – and for anyone! This flexible vibe can be molded and bent into different positions. Super-versatile for internal or external stimulation. Features: Flexible...

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Elastic Joy

Elastic Joy is a multifunctional vibrator that offers you endless possibilities! The vibrator is bendable in every direction and shape you prefer, which turns Elastic Joy in a vibrator with...

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Designed for ultimate shared satisfaction Cocktail is a powerful dual motored couples’ toy crafted to pleasure the anus and vagina whilst also stimulating the penis during sex. It’s time to...

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With Rosebud, Alchemy® focused on the timeless beauty and powerful energy of a rose just prior to bloom. The dynamic between internal tension and explosive bloom is… well… sexy. The cycling of...

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LaCire Drip Torso Candle

Display this candle in your home to celebrate the diversity and beauty it captures or use this candle to explore the tantalizing world of temperature play.   Made with a skin-soothing blend of soy...

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Big Flirt Bubble Bath

Create a romantic moment with our scented bubble bath, infused with pheromones that will put you in the mood and make you feel sexy. (8oz) Nothing is more romantic than soaking with your sweetie in...

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Own Your Future!

We have been training representatives in the finance industry for 10 years.

We are expanding due to the greatly increased need for what we do. 

To be clear we are  independent contractors. This means we work on our own time. We are not looking for hourly employees, but people who are open to working for themselves - either part time, or advancing to full time.

Our main focus is helping families plan for the future like retiring sooner, getting out of debt, protecting their family via income protection, investments, and more.

We don’t require any financial degrees or experience although both are welcome. We offer PAID training and PAID licensing for the right person.

Looking for those with good people skills and a heart for helping others! Schedule extremely flexible. Everything can be done remotely.

Presentations/Interviews are conducted via Zoom (, so computer and internet connection is required.

Must be 18+ years old, have a clean background, & be willing to get licensed with the state as well. Does this sound like something you would be open to hearing more about?