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For some people, saying the three little words “I love you” is very difficult. Others have no problem with it at all (and sometimes even say it when they don’t mean it). If you struggle to express the way you feel to your partner through words, there are lots of ways to let your partner know that they are important to you and you enjoy having them in your life without using a single word at all! Here are 10 creative ideas to let your partner know that they are a big part of your life and you love having them in it.

Write A Quick Letter Or Card

Instead of saying “I love you” to your partner, instead, write them a quick love letter or jot it down in a sweet card that you picked up from the store. It is a quick and easy way to let your partner know just how much they mean to you without saying a word.

Send A Text

In the age of technology, almost everyone has texting capabilities on their cell phones. Instead of sending her a text to please pick up milk after work, send her a text that lets her know you’ve been thinking about her all day. You can do this in a romantic way to let her know that you love her, or you can make a racy text – called sexting – to tell her what you want to do to her when you both get home after work. Texting is so easy and cheap you can do it often just to add a little bit of love to her day.

Put It On A Cookie

On your next trip to the mall, visit the cookie store and have them write “I Love You” on one of those giant chocolate chip cookies. The best part is that you two can enjoy the cookie together later that night!

Draw It On The Sidewalk With Chalk

This is a great idea if your partner is away for business often or if you get home from work several minutes before your partner does. Draw a sweet message on the driveway or sidewalk with sidewalk chalk and they’ll see it as soon as they pull in the driveway from work.

Write It On The Bathroom Mirror

Write “I love you” on the bathroom mirror with an old lipstick that you don’t use anymore, or do it in soap so that when the mirror fogs up when your partner is taking a shower, the message becomes clear. The latter is so much fun because they won’t see the message when they step in the shower, but they’ll see it when they come out!

Use An Entire Pad Of Post It Notes

You can really show your love by using an entire pad of Post-It notes to write sweet messages and stick them all over the house. You can write a different message on each note, or you can simply write “I love you” over and over on each note. Make sure you use brightly colored Post-Its for maximum impact!

Place An Ad In A Newspaper Or Magazine They Read

Surprise your partner by placing a sweet message in an ad in a newspaper or magazine that they read. Make sure it’s a magazine or newspaper that they actually read though, or else they won’t get your special message!

Draw It On Their Car Windshield

You can use a wax pen or special car window chalk (you know, the kind they use for those “Just Married” signs when people tie the knot) and write “I love you” all over your partner’s car windows. Do this either in the morning before they leave for work or drop by their place of employment while they’re inside so they don’t catch you. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be around to see the look on their face when they discover your surprise!

Use Glow In The Dark Stars

Get some of those glow in the dark stars (usually in the kids toy section) and write a sweet message on the wall or ceiling for your partner to discover when they turn off the lights. You can also use this as a seduction tactic and suggest that you two have sex “under the stars!”

Create Your Very Own LoveBook

Create an inexpensive but romantic LoveBook that contains reasons why you love your partner and enjoy having them in your life. A LoveBook truly is a keepsake that they will have forever!

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