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It’s a fact; women tend to need more time to reach orgasm.

During the few times you’ve managed to reach a climax with your lover, it felt GREAT, right?

So why not apply a few tactics to guarantee the process to bliss? How? Easy. Just learn MORE regarding your own body. The more you know about what makes you tic sexually, the sooner your climax will be. I asked a few sexuality experts to help us out and following are their wonderful tips. Try them all and figure out which one works best for you. Who knows, they may ALL work for you.

Self-Pleasuring 101

Firstly, engage a little ALONE time naked. As you stimulate yourself, concentrate to the state of your mind and how your body reacts up until you reach your climax. Later, when you are with your man, try to re-create these moves.

It’s also imperative to develop an exciting mood. The idea is to establish a scenario that supports a very sexy mindset. For example, sure, you may know what ‘moves’ to apply to induce orgasm but if you open your eyes and see clutter all around, that will zap your sexual mood. Try soft pillows, scented candles, and soft, romantic music. Find out what ambiance works for you and go about ‘staging it’.

Create A Mental Sex Picture

When it comes to sex, men are visual creatures, whereas females are more mental ones. To put it in simple terms, we women like to be ‘sexed up’ up down there before he even makes a move. So to help you reach your orgasm sooner during sex, think of all the hot and sexy things he’s going to do to you (or that you want him to do) tonight. Paint a sexy mental picture and you’ll find that you will be twice more excited as he actually goes about doing the deed.

If visualization is not enough, don’t be afraid to engage in a little self-pleasuring. However, you should NOT reach a climax. Just make things hot – but not too hot – for yourself. When you make love with your partner, your body will instinctively start from where you left off earlier, making orgasm within easy reach.

Sure-Fire Orgasmic Sexual Positions

Females have two major sexual key points: the clitoris and the G-spot. The G-spot, or the Grafenberg spot, is located about 2-3 inches up the front of your vaginal wall. And one of the best ways to locate this spot is to insert your (or his!) index and middle fingers, palm up, inside you and search for a slight bump (like the clitoris, the G-Spot gets engorged when stimulated). So it makes sense that the straight road to orgasm is to stimulate both these sex zones simultaneously!

For instant stimulation of both these areas, woman-on-top seems to be the winning position. This is because in this position, you get to control the angle by which his penis hits your G-spot, the depth of penetration, and other factors.

Now, I did say double stimulation, right? So for your clitoris, give it the attention it deserves by grinding your front against his body. Be sure to try various speeds and movements. For instance, make your hips grind against him in a circular fashion rather than going up and down. This way, you get to stimulate the clitoris as you move up, and his penis gets to hit your g-spot as you move down.

Of course, there’s also the doggy-style position. In this position, his penis is angled almost dead on your G-spot!

If he’s gifted in the size department down there, he may even hit your A-spot, a place some scientists think is capable of producing mind-numbing orgasms too. At the very least, going on all fours enables you to NOT face your lover if you’re the shy type.

If you want to increase the pleasure you feel, you can also squeeze your pubococcygeus (PC) muscles (the ones you use when you try to stem the flow of your urine) during sex. By squeezing these muscles, you are pulling your clitoris and vagina inwards, increasing the level of friction against them as he thrusts.

How to Maximize Your Pleasure

A woman’s body has many sexual secrets. There are a lot of erotic nooks and crannies. The key is to be able to stimulate as many hot buttons as possible at any given time.

For instance, I just love it when my man goes all oral on me. But when he reaches upwards too to fondle my erect nipples as his tongue does his magic down there, I get to the Big O faster than I can blink!

You can also try the ‘reverse cow girl’ position, where you go on top of him but are facing his feet. This position enables you to have your G-spot stimulated by his penis… while your hands are busy stimulating your C-spot at the front. And of course, encourage to multi-task too! Whatever position, tell him to touch, caress, lick and rub anywhere!

Gadgets to Speed Up the Big O

Sometimes, a few sex toys increase the pace to a mind-blowing orgasm. For instance, too much thrusting can make your vagina a tad dry so why not use a bit of lubricant so that everything flows (pun intended) smoothly?

Also, why not experiment with some sex gadgets? For instance, whip out the vibrator and really give your clit a titillating time. If you think this will offend your lover then just slip on a ‘finger vibrator’ on him, which will help, rather than replace, his stimulating moves. For his pleasure, why not put on a penis ring? There’s also buzz toys that you can place between your bodies to give you both a tingly feeling each time you grind against each other.

Orgasmic timing is always a bone of contention between males and females. Bridge that climactic gap by finding ways to speed up yours. It’s a win-win situation so go for it!

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