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To All Men Who Are Frustrated With Their Sex Lives…

I have a simple question for you…

Do you get enough sex to REALLY make you feel like a man? Are you satisfied with how often you get it?

I mean, you work all damn day taking care of the things you need to do and all you want is a little “R & R” to ease the frustration, if you know what I mean. I bet you’ve gone for weeks and maybe even months without having sex with your wife or girlfriend.

It’s harmful to your well-being and could put a serious strain on your relationship. Before you know it, you’ll be looking for someone else or she will.

You can prevent it from ever happening!

Look, if you simply want to learn how to give your girl an orgasm, there’s plenty of information out there. But if you want to learn how to get her to have sex more often, then this may be the most important thing you’ll ever read.

So Where Did You Say You Got Your Sex Education Again?

If you think sex is just insert, repeat and complete, you’re shamelessly wrong. Truth of the matter is, most guys don’t have a clue about having sex, because most men simply aren’t getting a quality sexual education.

If you wanted to be a plumber, you simply go to a trade school, graduate, and *POOF* – you’re a plumber! Why can’t it be that simple when it comes to becoming an excellent, satisfying lover?

Unfortunately, most of us learn about sex as we go and never really know the true ways of satisfying a woman.

So This Makes Me Wonder… Is Your Lady Getting What She Needs?

I know it sucks not to be able to give your woman an orgasm. But that’s only half the story!

I mean, it’s easy for guys to get sexual pleasure when we’re with a woman.  Whether it’s through oral sex, a hand job, or straight-up intercourse, it’s easy for women to give men orgasms.

But when it comes time for us to return the favor and try to give her an orgasm, that’s where most men fail…and you know what? It’s no surprise…

Check out these startling facts, and see if any of these apply to you:

  • 70% of women have NEVER had an orgasm with a man.
  • 60% of married women will cheat on their husbands.  Why? There are many reasons, but I bet one of them is because they’re looking for sexual satisfaction that you can’t provide.
  • 25% of men will get turned down by their own lovers over half the time.  These men have women who think sex is a chore.
  • Nearly 50% of men have partners that will NEVER ask for sex (would you ask for something that doesn’t give you any pleasure?)
  • 92% of women will FAKE ORGASMS just to “get it over with”.  It’s obvious that what most men are doing simply isn’t working.

And, over time, after many “failed attempts” at trying to give your woman an orgasm, you’ll probably even hear her saying things like:

  • “I’m too tired”
  • “Not right now”
  • “I’ve had a long day”
  • “Not tonight… I have a headache” or…
  • “I just don’t want to have sex”

Have you experienced any of the above in your lifetime? Have you been turned down by your girlfriend or wife, because you wanted to have sex and she didn’t? Has she ever told you any of the excuses, cheated on you, or even faked an orgasm just to get it over with?

There are a lot of men out there who are frustrated with their sex lives.  But it’s not like we’re special; women are frustrated with their sex lives too (you can probably remember that most women go through their entire life without experiencing one single orgasm).

And you know what?

It’s not right for women to go through life without experiencing an orgasm… And it’s up to us men to do something about it! So, for all the men and women in the world who are frustrated with their sex lives…

The Solution To Your Sex-Deprived Problem

An easy to read, step-by-step system on how to give an orgasm to any woman and bring her coming back for more and more!

The Female Orgasm Black Book

The Female Orgasm Black Book is for men and women, but it is especially valuable for caring boyfriends and husbands who want a no-nonsense, step-by-step plan for bringing explosive sexual pleasures to their partners so they can get more for themselves (what a sacrifice, right?).

The “Black Book” explains the female orgasm, A-to-Z, with sex tips, checklists and examples of “orgasm routines” you can use to bring your partner to an orgasm (or multiple orgasms).

In doing so, you are placing a bookmark into her mind to come back soon and continue with the never-ending novel of joy, passion and love.

That IS what you want, right?

This guide alone could save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in untold frustrations that you (and your partner) could never measure, and that you could never forget.

You obviously care about your relationship, but think about how much it is worth to you to keep her from leaving you because you couldn’t keep her sexually satisfied and given her an orgasm? And if you’re reading this, none of those dates and gifts has gotten you to a point where… You can give her the gift of an orgasm!

She might think you’re a good “boyfriend” or “husband”, but is she having orgasms like you are, and thinking about having sex with you all the time? For less than the price of a decent movie and dinner date, you can have The Female Orgasm Black Book.

Download The Female Orgasm Black Book

Plus with the Black Book, you’ll also get some pretty cool bonuses…

Female Orgasm Black Book: Quick Start Guide – This guide is specifically designed to ensure that you avoid the “deer in the headlights” stage. Yes, the Female Orgasm Black Book is big and meaty. but this Quick Start Guide will give you the solid plan that will move you through the course quickly and efficiently.
Special Report #1: Oral Sex Secrets – This is a manual filled with oral sex techniques.  Licking, grinds, and other oral sex tricks!
Special Report #2: Advance Fingering Techniques – I describe some fingering techniques in the Female Orgasm Black Book, but once you get the hang of those, you can move onto the ADVANCE fingering techniques described in this report!
Sex Frenzy Bonus #1 – Covers the best sex positions that
can release a woman’s orgasms!
Sex Frenzy Bonus #2 – Tips for men and women on increasing the probability of female orgasms!
Sex Frenzy Bonus #3 – A complete “Blueprint” to Female Orgasms! This little-known “orgasm blueprint” (discovered by world renowned sex doctors)… that… when followed… can take a woman from not wanting to have sex with you, to having frequent orgasms and constantly craving the next time she can be with you again!

If you’re frustrated with your sex-deprived life right now, and you want to have more of it more often, then get this book before she decides to look for another man who can fulfill her sexual needs.

In fact, you’ve got nothing to lose except for a woman who wants to spend more time with YOU wanting to have more sex *if* you don’t get The Female Orgasm Black Book.

If you’re already in a relationship, you probably have (or will) spend tens of thousands ($10,000+) on YOUR relationship already (and, if you stick with her, you’ll probably spend a lot more). But at the end of the day, is she loving the relationship with you, having orgasms because of you and begging you for more sex?

You can go ahead and leave this page without making an investment in your relationship, or you can get this manual now and be able to give your partner an orgasm tonight.  The choice is yours.

Download The Female Orgasm Black Book

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