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Sex positions come in all varieties, but not all of them will flatter your best body attributes. In fact, many women avoid certain sex positions because they’re afraid their lover will see the cellulite in their backside or the wrinkles in their tummies. Rest assured women, that guys aren’t usually picking apart the girl they’re scoring with. But if you really want to hide your least favorite body parts, here are six sex positions that you’ll want to try.

Doggy Style

If you have a flabby tummy, or your tummy just isn’t your favorite part of yourself, doggy style is one of the best sex positions to hide your flaws. You may only think that doggy style is good for anal sex, but it’s actually great for g-spot stimulation too. Your partner will only be able to see your butt, your thighs and your back. Your stomach isn’t in view in this position, so you can “let it all hang out.” Doggy style is also great to use if you’ve just had a big meal or feel a little bloated. You can also arch your back and push your buttocks out a little, giving you a feminine and enticing curve that is very attractive to a man!


Cowgirl is also one of the sex positions you can use to flatten out your tummy, but it requires a little bit of strength in your thighs since your thigh muscles are what you will be using to move yourself up and down on your partner’s penis. Straddle your partner and face him, but sit up tall and stretch your midsection out. Square your shoulders and flex your abdominal muscles to flatten out your tummy and make you look like a sex goddess!


You may not think of the missionary position as being one of the sex positions that will make you look fantastic, but it is actually very useful for camouflaging your upper and inner thighs, as well as your butt. If these are your “trouble areas,” you can wrap your legs around your partner’s waist during intercourse, keeping them out of his view completely. He will get a good glimpse of your breasts and tummy if he’s up on his knees a little bit, and even less if he’s stomach-to-stomach with you. Mostly he will be looking at your face to see how much you are enjoying it (especially when you have an orgasm), not paying attention to your body flaws!


Spooning is among the best sex positions to hide your tummy, your breasts and the front of your body. Lay on your side facing away from your partner, and have your partner come up behind you, also laying on his side and facing your back. He will enter you from behind, and can reach his hand around to stimulate your clitoris. Since men are visual creatures though, you might want to have a porn flick playing to give him something to look at – or else he’ll probably be staring at the wall!


If your partner is going to perform oral sex on you, you might be nervous about him checking out your thighs and upper body in all its glory. As far as oral sex positions go, there are a few you can use to put your partner’s attention elsewhere. Sixty-nining with him on top will keep him from staring at your least favorite parts of your body (namely because all he’s going to see is your legs if he lifts his head out from in between them) and he’ll also be blissed out from the blowjob that you’re giving him at the same time.


Not only are the standing sex positions awesome for the “I-need-you-right-now” quickies, but they’re also great for making you look your best when you’re in your skivvies – or your birthday suit. Standing up while having sex allows your body to stretch out, so nothing is bunched up or wrinkled where it shouldn’t be. If you have excess skin that creates “rolls” when you bend over or lift your legs up, you’ll definitely love the standing sex position.

Remember that sex is all about having fun – not worrying about what you look like. Your partner most likely isn’t looking at your every flaw – they’re enjoying having sex with you! If you do get a guy that picks apart your least favorite parts of your body, ask yourself if he’s really someone you want to spend time with. There are lots of guys out there that will enjoy having sex with you and think you look great, even if you have a little cellulite!

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