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Female masturbation does exist – and it can be the key to unlocking a totally hot and ravishing sex life!

Female masturbation has existed since women were young girls squeezing stuff between their legs. While many still struggle with the conditioning that anything sexual is sinful, more and more women are admitting their needs and embracing the same. They jill off, pet the kitty or stroke the cat. If they’re not gonna get some from their man, they’ll settle with self-service.

Masturbation, as an invaluable spring of well-being, indeed, is the World’s Favorite Pastime. As George Carlin expressed it, “If God intended us not to masturbate, He would have made our arms shorter.”

It’s The Only Way Some Women Can Orgasm

It’s the only source of O’s for many women, keeping everybody sane, and making up for life’s numerous disappointments – horrible sex included. Petting the kitty affords Eve to settle and be less demanding during sex.

The ladies got everything to gain, considering it doesn’t cost a single penny. Besides being the orgasmic highway, it’s loads of pleasure & fun! They can do it anywhere, they don’t have to dress up for it or put on serious pounds of make-up. They can have it anytime. Most importantly, they have perfect control of the proceedings. They decide how long and how many they’ll get.

Unless she’s one of those ladies who never looked down there, a woman has been touching herself years before she even met you. She has been helping herself before she even got a shot at sex. And guess what, over the years, she has become really good at it – winning herself the easiest, fastest and most intense orgasms. She knows her body best.

Over time, women have perfected a personal process and a set of techniques to reach orgasm.

Of course she has. She knows the type of stimulation needed & the specific parts to be attended. Women know how to turn themselves on and push themselves off.

Masturbation is “practice sex” – an imitation of the real thing – note that to get off, the same organs are given the same type of stimulation. For example, men can’t get enough of blowjobs, handjobs and penetrations because these stimulate the penis in the same manner as jacking off.

So during sex, replicate her jilling moves, especially during manual stimulation. You won’t be able to do that until you know exactly how she does it — so ask her to give you a show. Remember that every time a woman touches herself in front of a man, she’s schooling him and giving him insider info on her O’s!

What To Look For

You may think, “All women masturbate the same way.” Not at all. That’s only the big picture. Go into details and discover that women treat themselves very uniquely. Pay close attention to how she tangos with her vulva, her clitoris in particular – she’s giving you a private lesson from years of personal experience. Here are six elements to consider:

General Types

Though the most common method is ‘hands-on’, the routes to Orgasmville are different. She could employ objects like dildos, vibrators, pillows, bed sheets, a spray of warm/cold water, bottles, vegetables and practically anything she can get her hands on. While most women do it while resting on their backs, there are also others who prefer to be on their stomachs. Still, there are those who never use hands but press their thighs in a familiar rhythm.

Watch for her leg positions. Are they spread, bent, raised or together?

Speed & Timing

During sex, a woman is usually under her handler’s mercy. In masturbation, she has perfect control of speed and rhythm. Find out the gear she’s most happy with. See how fast she works it and try to extricate a rhythm or beat. (Notice that she doesn’t operate in a single speed but sometimes speeds up and slows down.)

While nothing beats having her guiding hand over yours, as long as you’re looking, compare how you operated in the past. Were you too slow or too fast? How was your rhythm? Apply these lessons during intercourse as she’ll be needing speeds similar to the ones she’s shown you.

Type Of Stimulation

Faithfully clone her ways.

It’s unfair for women to be expected to climax with the type of stimulation some guys give. Why? Because it’s not only grossly insufficient, it’s all wrong! How can she be expected to cum with a method totally alien and perhaps even opposite to what she’s accustomed to?! (It’s like demanding from you ejaculation when all she’s doing is tapping your penis.)

During masturbation, a woman has perfect control of the stimulation she gets. So observe her hands, palms, fingers, everything. Pay close attention to the DIRECTIONS her hands go. Is it clockwise, counterclockwise, up-down, side-to-side? Look for patterns and combinations – she has them. See if there’s some pinching, squeezing, tapping, patting, tugging or pulling going on.

Notice her applied PRESSURE. Some stroke minimally, others crave hard action. Again, different strokes for different folks, whatever works for her, works!

How often do her fingers venture inside the vagina? You might be in for a surprise. Blokes imagine that when women jill off, it’s all poke-poke-poke inside. I’m sorry to tell you that this doesn’t happen as often as we’d like to think. Some don’t even bother sliding fingers inside. After all, her clitoris is on the outside.

Specific Areas

Those who shove fingers or dildos oftentimes aim it somewhere specific. It could be at the G-spot or any of her sweet spots. Find out where these are.

Another thing, if she’s using one hand, observe what the other is doing. Is it sensually stroking her breasts? If so, observe carefully how she works them. Usually, when a woman touches herself, other areas besides the vulva gets attention.

The Environment

Environmental conditions are just as important. When women treat themselves, they usually prepare the mood by setting the environment to certain specifications. They set things right, for example, by initially taking a warm or cold shower, lighting candles, even dressing up! They prefer a certain time or day, a particular music, even props. These are her secrets, (she may not even be conscious of them.)

Conversely, guys don’t bother with this nonsense. Men do it who-knows-when and who-knows-where. Backrooms, dark alleys, wet pavements don’t make any difference, so long as they get their hands on johnny, it’s all good!

Psychological Conditions

Sex has two sides – physical and psychological. So far, we’ve dealt only with physical conditions, but just as important are the psychological ones.

What fantasies spur her? What thoughts does she focus on? Later on, it will be clearer to you how a woman’s thoughts and frame of mind affect her ability to cum. Suffice it is to say here, for now, that psychological pressures make reaching orgasm difficult for a girl.

So there it is, six things to look for when your girl schools you. It may sound complicated, but it’s really not that bad, especially when you see her with eyes closed, completely enjoying herself. Don’t you want to give her that same bliss?

Ask her to show you. As the Chinese saying goes, “He who asks is a fool for 5 minutes, but he who does not remains a fool forever.”

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