Times are changing! The opportunities for all of us to be truly free and in our embodied power to create the lives we desire are unlike any time before.

All that has been swept under the proverbial carpet is now out and glaring at us. An amazing transformation is happening all over the world.

Women everywhere are taking ownership of their bodies, their pleasure, their sexuality, and their healing. We are moving beyond our past (individually and collectively ) and we are creating trust with our own desires and pleasures as we create sustainable love and radical legacies of love and beauty.

Whether you have experienced sexual boundaries being crossed or just felt disconnected from your deepest power (your sexuality) while tending to the mundane daily tasks of life, I have an invitation that will be powerful and transformative.

“The Life Changing Power of Sexual Healing” a FREE WISDOM SERIES

Be my guest as I sit with my friend and colleague Anahita Joon Tehrani for a vulnerable peek behind the curtain of what it really takes to create sexual healing and empowerment as I share my personal journey of sexual healing, awakening and empowerment and how that led me to doing the sexuality work I do.

Anahita Joon is a global Embodied Feminine Leadership Mentor who works with today’s leading women in accessing their divine erotic intelligence as a force for enhanced leadership and relationships. Anahita has devoted her life to this path, which is why I am excited to share this series with you.

I will be sharing, as will all the others guests, my personal journey to sexual healing and empowerment.

None of us are alone as much as we may think we are. So get ready for powerful activation and remembering.

We have all been inundated with a certain programing about our sexuality and pleasure, to the point that many have disconnected entirely from their erotic “essence.” It is time to tap into our power source and create unbound freedom!

The Life-Changing Power of Sexual Healing starts on September 25th and will be delivered into your inbox, but only if you sign up. This event will only play once so make sure you don’t miss out by registering now!

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What Does it Mean to Experience the Power of Sexual Healing?

You have moved past and integrated any past trauma or unwanted experiences.

You are deeply connected to your innate womb wisdom and knowing.

You have unwavering trust in your deepest dreams and desires.

You are powerfully and intimately connected to your partner and with whomever you interact with.

You experience profound levels of pleasure in life and in physical intimacy.

Full body orgasms (where every cell of your body is in ecstasy) are fully available.

You are abundant in your ability to birth your dreams for yourself and your family.

You are free of shame, guilt, and confusion.

You are prosperous because of your ability to receive.

You are not jealous of others, instead you are available to support and be supported.

You are magnetic in your ability to bring your deepest desires to yourself.

You inspire others with your living example of Self Love, Spiritual Connection and Divine Sensuality.

Whether you embody some of these attributes, or they feel impossible to attain, you are sure to gain deep personal insights and healing from this series.

As you know I have dedicated my life to supporting you on this path and I assure you this is not a fad. It is an evolutionary mandate and people everywhere are waking up to what is truly possible not just for them but for our world. I’ll see you at the online gathering!

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In service to your pleasure & magnificence,

Amy Jo

P.S: History remembers significant, pivotal moments and those who had the wisdom to recognize them and the foresight to step forward. This is undoubtedly one of those times.

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