Just in case you missed my video this week, I have a new furry friend. You know how the universe provides based on what you’re thinking about? Well, my sweet feline companion of 19 years, Pooka, passed away on Friday of Labor Day weekend in 2014 and this year, on Labor Day Weekend, a new furry friend showed up. A friend of mine found this kitten all alone, with a raccoon about ready to make him dinner. I said I would foster him, but who I am kidding? (I didn’t fool any of my friends!) He has worked his way into my heart pretty quick and I’m in love. He’s so sweet and those eyes are just too much. They weren’t open when he arrived, and he changes every day. The bottle feeding will be over soon. Gosh, they grow up so fast. Stay tuned for all the furry updates. #CuteMeter11


We are busy getting ready for Fire Woman Retreat and have so many special people coming this year I can’t even take it! Okay okay, I can take it and I’m thrilled!


I’m collaborating with Marcia Baczynski who co-founded Cuddle Party and does amazing work on communication and Overcoming the Good Girl; Triambika Ma Vive, a ritualist like me who also lives at the Fire Garden and teaches all over the world; Airial Clark who has been helping parents address sexuality with their kids for years and is bringing her “How to Be a Woman and Not Give a Fuck” workshop to Fire Woman as a pre-con–Join Airial and I today at noon on a FB Live where we are digging into the awesome of this work; and Kaweah who is a spiritual leader and powerhouse who teaches women spiritual warrior skills and brings a wealth of knowledge for the second year to Fire Woman.


Plus, Rakale, Arden Leigh and Kerem Brule are bringing their amazing music to Fire Woman.

We are in for a treat!

We have many things in store this year for Fire Woman Retreat. With #MeToo happening and a wild year of a lot of personal disclosure, there is even more weight and importance as we plan our gathering. Fire Woman Retreat is the antidote to #MeToo. We need this space to heal, to be with other women and to explore the parts of our sexuality and desires that we rarely have space for. If you’re on the fence, don’t wait any longer. Fire Woman tickets go up Sunday, and space is limited. I’m doing a special live Q&A call this Wednesday so jump on with us to see if Fire Woman is right for you.


If it is, Fire Woman will be the most amazing 3 days you will spend all year.

It’s truly that amazing.


I also have some upcoming workshops! This Saturday I’m teaching Yoni Massage + Adult Play Party (for Women only) in San Diego with Roxanne DePalma of PlayPen Productions (pop me a message directly if you want to attend for details on how to pay.) I am offering one of my most popular online workshops this month: How To Be Erotically Bold: Quit Apologizing, Own Your Sexual Agency and Go for What You WantThen I’ll be back in San Diego teaching HerGasm! More Pleasure & Better Sex in person for all genders. Please attend one and all if you can.


Oh and I made a new video for you this week on the deep connection between Fear and Sexuality. Check it out below.


Let’s keep doing our part to make this world better. We’ve got work to do and it starts with us. Kitten is my co-pilot. 

Love + Pleasure + Power, 
Amy Jo


P.S. Would you do me a solid and forward this to five friends who would be interested in what is going on in Sexual Empowerment-Land? Thank you oodles!

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