Let Us Build Your Business Socially

Social Media Marketing is kind of a big deal. Time Magazine states “If you’re looking for a place to focus your business growth efforts, try social media.” Forbes reported “92% of marketers in 2014 claimed that social media marketing was important for their business, with 80% indicating their efforts increased traffic to their websites.”, and Inc.com adds “33 percent of consumers cite social networks as the way they discover new brands, products, and services.”

But Social Media Marketing requires one of two commitments. Either a large commitment of time, or a large commitment of money. At Intimate Tickles, we don’t want our consultants to have to spend this time, nor spend a lot of money, to get their new business growing online.

It is for this reason that we created our SocialGro Program

Business Growth and Social Media
Building your business with the power of social
Social Media Is Not All Posts And Pictures

Business Growth And Social Media

Hands down, Social Media is the most powerful tool that any business owner can use to engage customers and drive revenue growth.

Still, while 41 percent wish to win the Facebook marketing lottery, 53 percent struggle to use social media effectively. The good news is that of those who do use social media, 76 percent of those small businesses saw a positive return on their social media efforts.

Our SocialGro program is the result of months of research in what to post, when to post, and where to post it. There is a fine line to balance between connecting with potential customers, and driving them away. SocialGro gathers the data and ensures your followers, connections, pinners, and collegues continue to be interested, engaged, and willing to share.

Let The Intimate Tickles SM Crew Do
The Social Media Multi-Task Dance For You!

Much testing, data collection, and research has shown that not every social media platform is a good fit for every business category. Within our business category we have chosen to focus on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, & Instagram. “Out of the box” SocialGRO targets Facebook & Twitter, with all other social media platforms available for you to connect.

The Power Of SocialGRO

Powering up your Social Media accounts is not only a quick introduction of your new business to your friends and family, but Social Signals is also important to quickly building your online visibility.But Social Media Marketing can totally kill an entire day. Businessknowhow.com says “Managing your social media pages can quickly take up a significant portion of your day.” and Entrepreneur.com adds “With everything else required to keep your business up and running, finding time for social media marketing can be a challenge.”

Drop 80% of your Social Media efforts into our laps and regain that time to take care of your customers, their guests, and your parties.

Add SocialGRO to your Marketing Center.


Facebook Ultimate

SocialGROs FBultimate explodes your Fanpages by engaging and interacting with fans within the highest traffic fanpages of our niche. We Like, Comment, and Reply to posts that have the highest engagement. We post trending and engaging content, images, links and video to your fanpage in order to bring the MOST ENGAGING and active fans back to your fanpage. We grow your fans to grow your business.

Facebook POPpost

2 Posts per day: 1 business management, 1 sexuality, with a twist. Although posts click to websites such as Lelo, Cal Exotica, and Social Media Examiner – your user will be greeted with a popup pointed to YOUR web property.



SocialGROs Tweet Machine brings your twitter account to life by Tweeting Videos, Images, Relevant Articles, and Custom Messages. To entice engagement we follow relevant tweeters, Re-tweet, and like tweets. This simple combination of social sweetness will increase your Tweet Impressions, Re-tweets, Profile Visits, Mentions, & Followers.

Social Media Multitasking
Take A Look At What SocialGRO Did To Our Twitter Account!

On January 28th 2016, our Twitter module was ready to put to the test. We plugged Twitter.com/IntimateTickles into the SocialGRO machine and let it go. The images below depict our weekly growth within the Twitterverse using Tweetchub.com. The last image is a 4th week 28 day summary snapshot using http://analytics.twitter.com.
Holy Tweet Batman! (Click To Zoom)

1 Week Before SocialGRO

1 Week Before Starting SocialGRO

First Week Of SocialGRO

1st Week Powered by SocialGRO

Third Week Of SocialGRO

3rd Week Powered by SocialGRO

4th Week analytics.twitter.com

Take A Look At What SocialGRO Did To Our Facebook Account!

We got our Facebook module around the end of February and set it to work on our Facebook Fan Page. Facebook insights shows different analytics per page, so we had to pick on to show you – we chose Reach, which we feel is one of the most important metrics. It depicts the amount of Facebook users your post(s) are reaching. As you look at the graphs, be sure to notice the change in the numbers on the left hand side. socialGRO effectively DOUBLED our reach! (Click To Zoom)

January - Manual Posting

January – Manual Posting

February - Manual Posting

February – Manual Posting

March - Start SocialGRO

March – Start SocialGRO

3 Months – Can you spot where we started socialGRO?

The Prices Others Are Charging For This Kind Of Service Is Outrageous!!

Not many Social Management Agencies give out their pricing online. Kinda scary, ey? The ones we found that DID offer us a look into the prices companies are paying for this service really took us by surprise! (Click To Zoom)


$95 - $195 PER MONTH!

$95 – $195 PER MONTH!

$197 - $647 PER MONTH!

$197 – $647 PER MONTH!

$497 - $897 PER MONTH!

$497 – $897 PER MONTH!

Ok! Bottom Line. What Is SocialGRO & Why Should I Add It?

social-signalsSocialGRO is a combination of education, automation, and advanced tools to assist you in quickly creating Social Signals and Traffic to your websites.

SocialGRO consists of 2 management consoles, NEITHER of which do you EVER have to access if you choose not to. The core focus of SocialGRO is to take over the process of radiating your Social Signals by building and engaging with an audience within your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts,  and ease the time constraints of this task from you. As this audience is built it will be presented with invitations to visit your Intimate Tickles business properties, primarily your Marketing Center and Shopping Centers.

IF you choose to engage alongside SocialGRO, we have value added an all-in-one Facebook marketing tool called SocialKickstart. Consider it Hootsuite on steroids! Within this console you have the ability to manage all of your pages, posts, and scheduling from a single location (Including Non Intimate Tickles pages and posts). See what’s viral, edit it, and share it to your audience (syncs with Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube). Increase your Edge Rank by building massive followings, and create money-making ads from one location

In addition, we have added a Bonus module to SocialGRO (and will be adding additional bonuses and we discover, test, and deem worthy other products and services) which will take you through the marketing tool called Facebook Groups. You’ll receive a document explaining everything in detail when you become a member.

Save 75% By Adding SocialGRO To Your Marketing Center At Sign Up. Only $8 Per Mo!

When you sign on to become an Elite Intimate Tickle Adult Romance Consultant you will be choosing your Business Kit(s) and activating your Marketing Center.

Add SocialGRO to your business at this time and add only $8 per month to your subscription fee for this business building program

If you decide to add our SocialGRO program AFTER completing your signup, normal package rates of $32 per month will apply.