Impact play is a big part of our kinky lives as a couple and we love exploring the intersection of erotic pain, dominance, and submission. Our toy collection reflects how hot we think pain play can be. We have tools that can cause every sort of sensation from the kiss of a feather to to the crack of a whip on naked skin. For us, erotic pain is sexy as hell.

Outside of the playroom though, we respond to pain stimulus just like most other folks. For example, there’s a large under-mattress dresser in our bedroom and it’s built of wood. Although the corners are smooth and rounded, it nevertheless hurts like hell (and not in a good way) when you bang a knee on the corner in the middle of the night.

I need a hammer to smash my thumb, stat!

Masochists don’t walk around stubbing their toe all the time in search of a pain rush. If they accidentally clip their fingernail too short, they react like anybody else and go ‘ouch!’ That sort of pain lacks the context to make it kinky. Without the pain and kinky fun lines crossing, a bruise is just that, and nothing more. Check out this cheesy graphic that we spared no expense in creating:

Kinky pain chart

Erotic (aka fun) pain can frequently cross the fuck, that hurts line, and still be doable. We plow through that one all the time when we play. Because of the lust/desire involved as we play together, it’s important to push that red arrow across the kinky fun line. It’s a tough job, we know, but we do it in the name of research, LOL.

Did that really hurt, or was it just play pain?

So the next time you hear a masochist exclaim, ‘Fuck, that hurts!’, don’t immediately say to yourself, ‘Yep, they’re having a good time.’ They probably aren’t since the event lacks the fun part, which for us is the context of eroticism.

HKC sensation toys
From mild to wild, your toys are a reflection of your kinky self.

Yours in kink,

Amelie & Mark


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