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When we were just beginning as kinksters, we started small – sexy clothes, candles and music with some bindings and buzzers on the side. Think vanilla cake layered with some sweet, some spice, and a sprinkle of salt. As an experienced S/M couple, we want to pass on some tips with you on what might fit in your own kinky kit bag.

Customize your toy bag

A good-sized duffle or seldom-used suitcase is a simple carrier/disguise. Here’s are some starter ideas for inspiration:

Blanket: preferably with a water-proof layer, a large crib pad and really soft throw are an inexpensive way to start

Your edgy clothing accessories: collar, cuffs, hoods

Impact toys: flogger, paddle, crop

Sensory play toys: vibes (with cords and chargers), ticklers, furry stuff, clamps

Restraint options: rope, cuffs, leash

Lube (good quality, non-glycerine)

Disinfectant wipes

Condoms for you or your toys

Scissors: a must if you are using rope

Edibles: whatever tickles your fancy, and a snack and beverage for after care

And of course, whatever else you discover that suits your fancy!

Keeping all of your kinky gear organized is practical for several reasons. First, you need to be able to find things when you are in the mood. Second, it’s great to pack things up and take them along for your next weekend retreat or adventure. Third, being able to stash and hide your accessories quickly when the neighbor or family stops by can be critical.

Yours in kink,

Amelie, the female half of the HKC


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