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AJ_OceanHugSo you wanna be a Sex Goddess? Be doted on and fonded over, rubbed and nourished, fucked and fed? Here is something to know about a Sex Goddess: she never feels bad about her desires and she has no reason to hold herself back. She is unabashed in her desires and she gets her prowess on without guilt or shame. A sex goddess goes for it, she does withhold from life for SHE is life itself.

You are no different. We are all that life force, that pulsating aliveness, that gift of energy combustion and creation. We are here to beautify this place in ecstasy, to drink its nectar and reverberate that truly magical vibe back into the world. It’s the juice. It’s the life. It’s the joy. It’s the orgasm. It’s in each one of us. This power of pleasure.

Yet people hold back from this energy all the time. They avoid getting too close to the fiery flame. They want to stay safe. Secure. They are afraid of vulnerability, of feeling too much, of being seen and heard. Yet the world needs to hear your ecstatic song. Sing baby!

If you could let yourself sing full-out and experience the fullness of your sexuality, you would be drinking in life itself. You would be fully living. To think you will fully live while ignoring or leaving your sexuality behind is like cutting off your feet to walk. Your sexuality is the divine vehicle of your full self-expression, feeling and meaning. It is the core of who you are and it is there—even if it’s gone subterranean and you can’t see it or feel it. You just forgot. The spark is there, waiting for your flare to dance with it.

You have to get out of your own way so you can fully experience it. You are the one stopping yourself from claiming your desire in life, in love, and in sex. Most people are in a constant state of avoidance. Avoiding things they don’t want to face, conversations they don’t want to have. Avoiding getting too close or feeling too much because then what? Maybe I’ll be out on a limb of pure pulsating life and that sounds scary. Maybe it will be the climax of feeling, and then what? What if I can’t go any further? Let me stay back here where I can keep wondering what it feels like over there in full-out feeling and being.

Ask yourself what you are avoiding and why? And then ask again. No really. What am I avoiding underneath all those fears? Is this how I want to live? Is this how I claim desire?


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