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The Woman On Fire, The Fire Woman is a powerful archetype, a woman who owns all of who she is without apology.

What does “without apology” mean?

She makes her choices and follows her own internal compass no matter what others throw at her.

She doesn’t say she’s sorry for being, for her choices, for doing what is right for her. She simply does it.

She does not diminish her accomplishments or make herself small. Or feel bad for not doing so.

She stands in her power, in the fire, holding her center.

She claims her own place of home, beyond what everyone else tells her she is supposed to find home in.

To be a Fire Woman is not easy. It’s hot! Women are told every day what to do, how to act, who to be, who to marry, how to serve.

To do what you KNOW is your own calling, to embrace your own sexual agency and power, goes against the cultural current and sometimes it can feel like swimming upstream.

What if you let the water rush by and wash over you without getting swept away by it?

It feels good.

Hold your center.

Connect to your own knowing.

Not that of your partner, your husband, your mother, your dad, your kids, your boss, your best friend. YOUR knowing. What is right for YOU.


There will always be someone to guilt you or tell you you are making a mistake or getting it wrong because you didn’t do what they wanted you to do.

The real question, and it’s a hard one for many women to answer because of all this noise, is what do YOU want?

What if you didn’t wait for the world to come to you, but you went out and sought what you really want?

What if you stopped accepting the crumbs they give you for a job well done and you created your own rewards?

What if you committed to the process of figuring out what you want, regardless of what everyone else wants for you?

Your life would look quite different.

That can feel scary and yet, if you move through this beautiful life of yours in service to everyone else but yourself, you will never know or own your potential. You will not live the life you are meant to experience.

Fire Woman, hold your torch and light your path.

Fire Woman, listen to your own wisdom and voice and love yourself for it.

Fire Woman, be in your wildness and wonder, own your beauty, strength, and vulnerability.

Fire Woman, make the call, follow your calling.

Fire Woman, have sex with wild abandon with the one(s) you want to share your precious body with.

Fire Woman, demand more, be powerful you, love yourself up and know that there is an entire tribe of other Fire Women who walk with you.

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