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One of the most popular brand names in the adult product industry is LELO, a company that originated in Sweden. Their offerings have opened up the conversation about sex toys in a whole new way, and customers love them for it. Although less than two decades old, they have expanded their product lines and inspired others in the industry to revamp their own perspectives on production.


The company LELOi AB owns LELO and another brand, PicoBong. Formed in Swedenin 2002, they have dedicated themselves to approaching enhancement and pleasure products in a whole new way. A trio of men founded it, including engineer Filip Sedic and industrial designers Eric Kalen and Carl Magnuson. The limited liability company LELO was begun by the group the following year. got started when they noticed a need for high quality branded adult products at sensible prices. They work with a number of manufacturers and suppliers to ensure the products the stock are of the highest quality, and great customer satisfaction. To view this complete article visit at An Introduction To LELO | The Iconic Adult Product Brand