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We offer ordinary people the opportunity to live extraordinary lives. Grip the steering wheel and take control. We proudly offer the ability of owning and managing your own Ashburn Virginia business selling our products, spreading sexual awareness, and helping to keep romance alive and well.

The Intimate Tickles direct selling system provides awesome rewards and ongoing income for our elite independent consultants. Our dedication to training and enhancing the romance has propelled Intimate Tickles to the forefront as leaders in the subject of sexual relationships.

As an Intimate Tickles Elite Romance Consultant, you will have the flexibility to earn supplimental income or to start a fresh new career.

Let’s Get This Party Started Right!

If you have been looking around, you should easily notice that Intimate Tickles LLC is not your typical adult romance home party plan company. If you have not checked out the other options, you should – we’ll be here when you get back.

Intimate Tickles LLC is dedicated to our consultants, your business, your growth. It’s time to put your dreams and goals on the fast track.

There is no better time to take control of your tomorrow. Right now is always the best time to get started. Take a slow tour through our collection of tools, benefits, and products. Fill out our Romance Consultant Application and let’s talk about your new career!

Consultant Directory

One of the perks of owning your own Intimate Tickles Marketing Control Center is a listing on our USA “Find Your Consultant” interactive directory map.

Marketing Center

We are the only adult romance company, in fact, the only home party plan company that offers you an independent business growth and online marketing center.

Top Quality Products

You will be proud to demonstrate some of the top trending, superior material, best quality, adult romance products on the market. No exceptions included.


I Am Ready

Intimate Tickles Is Searching For The Cream Of The Crop. You don’t have to be a rockstar, just eager to become one. Are up for the challenge? We cordially invite you to Take The Next Step.

Discover More About Joining The Intimate Tickles Team


You won’t find us filling a page with empty, heard it all before, promises. Yes, our products are typically easy sell and you will discover that we go well beyond your typical adult romance party product line – but your personality and willingness to learn will factor in to your success. Yes, our parties are in great demand even during tough economic times – but you will have to put yourself out there and make yourself known. Yes, we offer you with all the tools and power to earn a great income 24/7 – but it doesn’t just happen without your drive, desire, and input.

If you want to hear that “Our products sell themselves”, or “Stop worrying about money and start making it in your sleep”, along with the rest of the typical hype statements most other companies use to pull you in – Intimate Tickles is not your space, however…

  • If you are ready to learn from some of the best direct sales references in the industry (some of which may be you!).
  • If you are ready for someone to listen to YOUR ideas and recommendations.
  • If you are ready to put in some hours, using real growth enhancing tools and methods.
  • If you are ready to do something for yourself today that could, quite literally, change your tomorrow.

Then we invite you and welcome you to discover the world of Intimate Tickles and the Adult Romance industry.


You’ve heard the phrase before and we don’t see a reason to put it any differently… “As an Intimate Tickles Adult Romance Consultant you will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself”

Our community of romance consultants will always be open to sharing ideas, suggestions, and success stories. Within our marketing center all of our consultants are connected and encouraged to band together to help each other grow.

Knowledge is not only power, it’s confidence. From showing our top quality products to answering intimate questions, we are dedicated to making sure you are confident in everything you show and say. From product descriptions and documents, to videos, to webinars with industry experts – you are destined to become and/or grow your adult romance expert status.


Intimate Tickles is proud to carry both the classics and exciting new toys from leading and high-end sex toy manufacturers.

By popular demand, Intimate Tickles offers an optional supplement catalog with all the kink and bondage products you’ll need to offer your customers the ability to turn an ordinary night with their partner into an exploration into their deepest desires to control and be controlled!

This category is, obviously, not for everyone. Your knowledge will be paramount as Shades Of Grey has brought out the hidden curiosity in so many of your friends and family. You’ll have to be equipped and ready to answer intimate inquiries with honesty and confidence.

If you decide to venture into this marketplace, Intimate Tickles has a full catalog of education to offer you.


Intimate Tickles is bringing a lot of brand new ideas to the table.

Our business growth packed business center, our one of a kind marketing center, our kink catalog, our lingerie center, and more to come.

Another difference is the process for becoming an Intimate Tickles Romance Consultant. We want you to know exactly what you are getting in to, what is expected from you, and what you can expect from Intimate Tickles.

To accommodate this goal, we ask that you fill out a very small application and honor us with a brief interview as the first step to joining our elite community of adult romance consultants.

No pressure. We just want to take the chance to meet you, and vise versa. It is important to us that we are a good fit for your visions and goals, and if we are not, we can probably point you in the right direction.

Ladies, gentlemen, and couples just can’t seem to help themselves. They giggle a little during the invite, smile in anticipation as they walk in to the party, make little jokes as they find a seat, and all of a sudden end up bashful as the romance consultant takes center stage. Then there are the ooohs, aaahs, and more giggles as she starts presenting the mystical lotions, potions, and ummmm, other objects.

Home party plans have become a tradition across the globe. Tupperware parties have been all the rage in Americas living rooms since the early 1950’s. Now, everything from jewelry, to candles, to makeup dominate the direct sales home party plan arena.

But there’s a niche party program that has ladies, gentlemen, and couples squealing with delight and bashfulness, and business is great all year round.

These work from home entrepreneurs refer to their products as “Romance Enhancements”, and to themselves as “Romance Consultants”. We like to think of ourselves as educators, and we make it our business to increase intimacy through playful, powerful ways.

Let's Compare Naughty To Naughty


Hand Picked Products
Holiday Exclusives
Mobile Ready
True Domain Duplicated Sites
Consultant Level Social Media
Local Consultant Finder
Cross Promotion Allowed
All Sexual Orientations
Products Cross Boundaries
Advanced Facebook Marketing
Monthly Fees $12.95 $24.95 $28.95 $10.00 $24.95 $29.95 ? $29.95 $12.99
Kit Costs $50 – $500 $99 – $1000 $99 – $299 $199 – $499 $150 – $450 $159 – $399 $219 – $1079 $99 – $269 $99 – $447
Features Score 10 1 2 1 0 3 3 2 3

Explanation Of Row Categories


IT = Intimate Tickles
MP = My Pure Pleasure
C9 = Cloud 9 Parties

BK = Bedroom Kandi
TT = Tasteful Treasures
69 = Route 69 Parties

PR = Pure Romance
IE = Intimate Expressions
AP = Athena Parties

Hand Picked Products. “Cutting Down On Choice Is The Best Way To Make Better Decisions” The Business Insider, 2013 – Read Why Here. Does your company hand pick the best, most innovative, best quality products available on the market? Or do they just throw everything into a bucket and leave it to your customers to sort out the mess?

Holiday Exclusives. Did your company add any holiday targeting to your website? Did they add holiday exclusive products to your product line? If it’s not up yet, according to Google, it just might be too late to start now. According to the National Retail Federation, holiday sales have increased by 3.5% each year. (38 Ways Ecommerce Sites can Grab the Upcoming Holidays by the Horns). With this being an obvious metric, did your company take the time to give you this advantage?

Mobile Ready. Mobile is now the primary way consumers shop online. That is from September 4, 2014 InternetRetailer report, so if your company doesn’t know that by now you may never realize the advantage. Shopify – 2014 told us that Mobile Now Accounts for 50.3% of All Ecommerce Traffic. Why would you settle for anything less? Curious? You can check your sites mobile readiness here.

True domain Duplicated Sites. What does this mean? This means that the website that you market to is not just an extension of your parent company, but rather a true independent website. A true representation of YOUR company. You are an independent consultant, right? So your presentation should be independent as well. It’s the difference between a SubDOMAIN  and a SubDIRECTORY. What does this mean for your business? Well, basically, a TDS, or subdomain is most likely the ONLY way you are going to come up on page 1 of the search results when an interested consumer searches for your product.

Consultant Level Social Media. We were surprised to find so many sites with NO social media at all! The ones that did led to corporate. Does that help YOUR social media optimization in the least? Social networks play a major role in your online store, in terms of ROI, customers, leads and sales, so that is why you have to be visible everywhere, if possible. Thanks to social media platforms, now you have the ability to connect with billions of people around the world, in an instant. Are you being given the ability to connect?

Local Consultant Finder. Not sure an explanation is needed. Corporate should exist to bring YOU sales, not to make their own. Will sales happen at the corporate level? Of course they will. But data shows that given the opportunity, most consumers will take the extra step to attribute a sale to a local business rather than giving the sale to the “Big Boy”.

Cross Promotion Allowed. Already building, or plan to add Candles, or Make-up, or Health Supplements, or Jewelry to your Adult Romance business? Good For You! Why should you be held down from growing and expanding? Why should you have to choose whether or not to continue growing your current business? You shouldn’t! Your opportunities should remain boundless.

All Sexual Orientations. Other than age, we can’t think of a single reason why anyone should have to say no to a sale (or a party).

Products That Cross Boundaries. There are not many surviving restaurants that only offer a select choice of chocolate flavors. Why? Because our world is full of a collage of different tastes, and to succeed in business you have to have something to offer to each unique taste. I am not a big fan of Sorbet, but as a business owner, I would love to sell you some.