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We Don’t Have Dirty Minds…

We Have Sexy Imaginations!

Romance Is Everything. Rediscover The Joy Of Playtime

Welcome to Intimate Tickles sex toy parties and the Elite Adult Romance Party Consultant Center, the only place to find your exclusive Intimate Tickles romance consultant, the best of the best. Gone are the days of shopping around and comparing apples to oranges, because we have done all of that for you. Everything we provide is designed to be safe, sensual, and essential to your love life and more.

Hosting an Intimate Tickles adult romance sex toy party is fun, simple, and always free. You will have a great night and receive lots of wonderful freebies. Ready to taste, touch, and learn about some of the hottest new romance enhancing products on the market? We offer the highest quality intimacy products to shower sparks in your bedroom. Go Ahead, Book Your Party Today!

Interested in representing the dreams and goals of Intimate Tickles elite romance consultants? Experience is not a requirement. Our extensive, hands-on, personalized, one-on-one and video training program is here and poised to create an expert romance consultant out of all with the passion and desire to invest the time.

Whether you are looking for a full time career, a part time job to bring in extra cash, or a fun way to earn money for an upcoming vacation or special event, Intimate Tickles consultant specialists are here to help you reach your goals. Want to learn more? Schedule a consultation today!

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Never Be Afraid To Be Sexy

At Intimate Tickles, it’s not just that we love what we do, it’s what we do for you that keeps us motivated to improve. Our mission has always been to empower the couples, men and women of Dallas Texas. To give them a safe environment to learn about sexual health, enhancement, and to give them the permission to learn new ways to take their relationship beyond boundaries, strengthen the romance, and to encourage open communication. It’s these goals that have made Intimate Tickles sex toy parties one of the premier adult toy & romance party companies in the industry. Adult Parties. Sex Toy Party. Host A Party.

It’s time to get all the girls, co-eds, couples, and men together for a great night out. In fact, it’s WAY past time! We suggest you roll just a little out of the box and bring your friends together for a naughty night out! A little wine, some snacks, and a lot of smiles, laughs, oohs, aahs, and thank you’s. All of this we can guarantee with an Intimate Tickles Adult Toy Party – you bring the friends, we’ll bring the party!

Leave your inhibitions at the door and explore with us all of the ways you and your lover can come together and connect.

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Diana Turner
Diana Turner
23:20 15 Mar 17
They offer so many products and they are great quality! Anything you can imagine, they have. Also their lingerie choices are endless! Intimate Tickle parties are so much fun!
Deirdre Berry
Deirdre Berry
16:34 14 Dec 15
Professional, fun, creative! Had a great time!!! Will be using their business OVER AND OVER AGAIN!
Carol Boyd
Carol Boyd
15:01 17 Dec 15
Myself and my guests all had a wonderful time. Would definitely have another party.
Laura Huneycutt
Laura Huneycutt
04:39 11 Dec 15
IT provides good customer service, wide variety of products ranging from tame to quite racy.
Linda White
Linda White
07:24 13 Dec 15
Amazing adult fun with products to match!
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Intimate Tickles, LLC
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Liz Flowers
Liz Flowers
Thanks Virginia for a wonderful Party. Being a big girl its hard to find sexy intimate clothes that actually fit. We ordered many items and they arrived in a timely manor and can not wait for the next time we get an invite to another Intimate Tickles Party.. Thanks Again 🙂read more
Eugene Brown
Eugene Brown
Thanks Virginia for an awesome evening. We had a couples party with half a dozen friends and had an absolute blast! It was what we hoped for and a zillion times more. Great games and great learning experience. Can't wait to do it again!read more
Washid Mirza Washidmirza
Washid Mirza Washidmirza
Angelica Knott
Angelica Knott
Deryk Brown
Deryk Brown
funny, classy, and one of the hottest businesses in the industry!
Pearl Battaglia
Pearl Battaglia
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“Despite Economic Downturn, The Adult Romance Industry Has Always Remained Alive And Profitable”

If you have been looking around, you should easily notice that Intimate Tickles sex toy parties is not your typical adult romance home sex toy party plan company. If you have not checked out the other options for adult parties, you should – we’ll be here when you get back.

Intimate Tickles LLC is dedicated to our consultants, your business, and your growth. It’s time to put your dreams and goals on the fast track.

Intimate Tickles. Come Experience The Difference.

  • No Monthly Quotas Or Minimums
  • 45% Commission (Compensation Plan)
  • Every Night You Do An Adult Romance Party You Get Paid. No Waiting For A Paycheck!
  • You can become your own boss and start living the life you deserve today. Choose one of our six kit options and have ninety (90) days to purchase any additional kits to help you grow your business.
  • Parties YOUR way… Women only, Couples, Co-Ed, LGBT, Theme Parties. You and your host decide. And rest assured, you will have the products to offer to any audience you present.
  • Earn FREE products; be rewarded for being an Intimate Tickles Elite Consultant with our anniversary bonuses for every year you are with the company. Money, Trips, A Car Allowance, and more are in store.
  • Intimate Tickles gives a FREE gift to every qualifying hostess. Our exclusive Monthly Hostess Specials will help you book new and repeat parties with ease.
  • Personalized e-Commerce website with Shopping Cart, Virtual Parties, and more.
  • Customized e-Marketing website filled with books, video training, tools, and more. We literally walk you through how to optimize your Marketing Center to optimize YOUR individual presence online. As Far As We Can Tell, We Are The ONLY Home Party Plan Company that offers a dedicated Marketing Center to push your success and sales online, and to help you book more parties.
  • Complete consultant support with Personalized Training Programs Customized for each individual’s needs.
  • Obtainable goals, rewards of luxury items, monthly incentives and more! (Start-Up Costs & Tickle Gear)

Ready To Climb On Top?

You don’t have to have sex toy parties experience. You don’t have to have a track record. You don’t have to be a rock-star. You just have to burn with the desire to grow in to one. When your friends, family, and customers are ready to host a party, you’ll be ready to offer them the best.

We built our exclusive marketing center for a few reasons. One: to give those new to our industry the absolute best chance to succeed beyond their own expectations, and Two: to give those who have the experience, and maybe are doing pretty good, the tools and support to do great.

Our exclusive SocialGRO Social Media Signals Enhancer is a one of a kind system designed to take our Elite Romance Consultants social media engagement to the professional level. Our Digital Marketing departments sole goal it to develop the to tools to help you get traffic to your customized website.

What’s Up With The Interview?

There are about 1/2 a dozen components that set us apart from your typical Adult Romance Home Party Plan. We ARE a game changer. It would be far too difficult (and take up way too much space) to explain all of our advantages here, in content – so we would like to take a few moments and tell you about us directly. Also, we’d like to keep some of our hottest ideas between us and our elite consultants.

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Lingerie. Sex Toy Party. Adult Parties. Host A Party. Adult Romance Consultants

Feeling sexy improves confidence, and improved confidence improves romance. Have you read the stories of boardroom execs who win the big contract after wearing a garter belt beneath their business suit, or the college grad who gets that dream jobs after buying a lacy bra and panty set? People know when you’re confident. Confidence is sexy.Our goal at Intimate Tickles sex toy parties is to ignite, re-ignite, spark, and fuel the fire in your romance.

As an Elite Intimate Tickles Romance Consultant your customers will have access to one of the largest collections of lingerie in the naughtyverse. When you host a party, you have the option to include select lingerie into your sex toy party. Lingerie fits perfectly into your adult parties.

Naked is beautiful. Slightly Naked is just plain HOT! Your customers will be able to browse our leading selection of sexy lingerie, babydolls, chemise, corsets, club dresses, hosiery, teddies, mens wear, garters, and more!

You’ll have the options of carrying some lingerie to your in home parties but this is not a requirement.

It’s all about romance, and we want to make sure you can offer your customer everything they need for a naughty night in.

Why We Are Different
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Let Us Build Your Business Socially


Social Media Marketing is kind of a big deal. Time Magazine states “If you’re looking for a place to focus your business growth efforts, try social media.” Forbes reported “92% of marketers in 2014 claimed that social media marketing was important for their business, with 80% indicating their efforts increased traffic to their websites.”, and adds “33 percent of consumers cite social networks as the way they discover new brands, products, and services.”

But Social Media Marketing requires one of two commitments. Either a large commitment of time, or a large commitment of money. At Intimate Tickles, we don’t want our consultants to have to spend this time, nor spend a lot of money, to get their new business growing online.

It is for this reason that we created our SocialGro Program

Business Growth and Social Media
Building your business with the power of social

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